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Challenged by my parents, I grew up to be independent and self-determined. I have been in business for myself, one way or another, since I was fourteen years old. A common component in all my work is that I’ve always worked with people and have always had the desire to “help” them. Through my work, I’ve learned that people, in general, have many of the same needs and desires as everyone else. It appears that people want to control what happens in their lives. In fact, when they don’t feel in control, one of the following things happen:

  • They begin to act and react to situations in ways that make other people identify them as “mentally ill.” Examples: Recent active shooter incidents and terrorist acts. Perpetrators have said they acted to “protect society” or get noticed.
  • They expect society or government to provide needed goods and services. They claim “it is “their right” and the “responsibility of the wealthy” to guarantee they have them. Examples: Political promotion of “Medicare for All” and free college educations.
  • They give up, then engage in harmful addictions, criminal acts or suicide
  • They take responsibility and develop needed skills. This allows them to regain control of their life.

Over the past several decades, social policy in the U.S. has helped create this problem. Motivation to be successful is no longer a desirable trait. Rather, our leaders encourage us to expect others to meet our needs. This is not what the founding fathers of our country intended. They built the foundations of this country on self-reliance. They fostered pride in separating themselves and their families from governmental control. Their hard work and dedication made the U.S. the dominant world power. Lack of effective problem-solving skills now threatens the foundation they laid.

A healthy person who is struggling, but involved in Self-Actualization solves problems. They choose to learn new skills and use them to improve their lives instead of looking to others for relief. They develop self-awareness and self-esteem in the process. This makes them happier and more successful.

Where Growth Unlimited Comes In:

Growth Unlimited recognizes that Personal Growth is a private and individual process. Our goal is to support our clients as they grow and achieve their goals. The website provides a one-stop, one-shop location to help make this happen. All services and products required are available in one location. Registration and subscriptions are available to receive ongoing, personalized support in your quest.

The Growth Unlimited Website Offers:

  • A comprehensive package of services and tools to assist clients . A. Visitors may complete a Comprehensive Personal Development Plan on the website. This plan is the road map to reaching autonomy and having the life they want.
  • Online training opportunities to learn needed skills.
  • Self-help books, interactive workbooks, and products designed to help achieve goals;
  • Workshop and seminar registration opportunities
  • Make Appointments for Group or Personal Coaching Sessions conducted via Skype, or in-person
  • Online or in-person support groups registration,
  • Sign up to receive our newsletter
  • Receive email notification of new opportunities.
  • “Like” us on Facebook and share your experience on Twitter.

We engage experienced, motivated, and professional Coaches. They focus on helping you achieve your personal goals. They provide training and support as needed. The difference between this program and others is that YOU control your process. You make the decisions. We make suggestions, but IT’S YOUR LIFE, and we believe you should HAVE IT YOUR WAY! We offer guidance helping you design your plan. But we do not limit the quantity of services or the content you choose.

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