Why a Comprehensive Life Plan?

At Growth Unlimited, we believe that every person has the right and the responsibility to make changes in how they live their lives.

  • Everything we do is a conscious or unconscious choice, and we alone have the power to make those choices.
  • We are responsible for the positive results or negative consequences of those choices.
  • When we live within our own values and belief system, we show our own Personal Power.
  • Relationships with others are critical. We cannot make others treat us the way we want or give us what we need without losing our own Personal Power. Honoring the rights of others while maintaining Personal Power demonstrates Self-Actualization.
  • The Comprehensive Life Plan identifies problems between our needs and the use of Personal Power. Once we know the problems, we can Set & Achieve Personal Goals to build and exercise the Life Skills needed for change.

What is a comprehensive Life Plan?

The Comprehensive Life Plan provides a structured change program. It helps us stay accountable to ourselves. It also helps identify the changes needed for growth. Then it organizes our efforts by providing a road map for true self-actualization.

The following outlines the components of the Comprehensive Life Plan.

  • Identify our personal beliefs and values.
  • Rate perception of existence in 12 different life areas, or domains. We use this information to identify problems in different life areas.
  • Determine the acceptable outcome in each unsatisfactory instance in each domain,
  • Create long-term, medium-term, and short-term S.M.A.R.T. goals to achieve the desired conditions.
  • Plan and write action steps to meet the goals, working from short-term to long-term to achieve them,
  • Put the action steps into play to begin working toward achieving the goals.

The 12 Life Domains:

  • Basic Needs
  • Relationship with Self
  • Personal Relationship
  • Family Relationships
  • Social Relationships
  • Professional Life Satisfaction & Relationships
  • Education
  • Spirituality
  • Financial Stability
  • Health
  • Physical Activity & Exercise
  • Community Involvement & Social Responsibility

Making Changes with the Comprehensive Life Plan

Every Comprehensive Personal Development Plan is unique to its owner and creator. Completing the work to achieve Self-Actualization also varies. For most people, addressing the issues that need work takes time. The entire process is usually considered a life-long activity. Each of us is undergoing constant change and growth throughout the life span. This means our wants and needs also change over time. It is important to not try to “rush through” the process. It takes time to make lasting changes. True change is difficult. Research shows it takes at least 30 days of effort to break a bad habit. Over 90% of people abandon New Years’ Resolutions each year within the first few day. Creating and implementing a Comprehensive Life Plan takes patience and persistence.

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