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Do you feel taken for granted, or not respected as much as you deserve?

Are you feeling depressed or anxious because of life stressors?

If one or more of your answers to these questions was ‘YES’—I can help!

What if someone were to tell you:  “It’s YOUR Life—Have it YOUR Way!”  Would you want to find out more?

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Who I Am, What I Do

Hi!  My name is Jeanette Larsen.  I can help you take back your personal power in these areas to help you Have YOUR Life—YOUR Way! 

I hold a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, am a Certified Trauma Specialist and have over 15 years experience helping people learn and use the skills they need to make this happen! 

Rather than just providing “therapy” I focus on helping clients gain the skills they need to take control of their own lives.  I have found this method is more cost effective, more productive, and takes less time to achieve than what can be done through traditional therapy. 

To find out more about my professional background and why I do what I do, please visit my biography.

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