Establishing Life Domain Needs

Abraham Maslow was a psychologist who suggested that people are motivated to engage in behaviors based on meeting their specific needs. He created a hierarchy of needs that ranked them according to the importance of the need in a person’s life. The chart below is a depiction of his ranking of human needs. When aContinue reading “Establishing Life Domain Needs”

The Need for Growth Unlimited

Challenged by my parents, I grew up to be independent and self-determined. I have been in business for myself, one way or another, since I was fourteen years old. A common component in all my work is that I’ve always worked with people and have always had the desire to “help” them. Through my work,Continue reading “The Need for Growth Unlimited”

Why a Comprehensive Life Plan?

At Growth Unlimited, we believe that every person has the right and the responsibility to make changes in how they live their lives. Everything we do is a conscious or unconscious choice, and we alone have the power to make those choices. We are responsible for the positive results or negative consequences of those choices.Continue reading “Why a Comprehensive Life Plan?”