Creating Your Comprehensive Life Plan

BENCHMARK 4: Your Personal Mission Statement

Supplies Needed This Week:

This Week's Course Workbook:

Your Personal Course Journal

Dates to Remember:

Monday, 7:00pm Pacific Time
Deep Dive Learner Cohort for
Create Your Comprehensive Life Plan

This Week's Activities:


Developing your Mission Statement: In your journal, Answer the following questions for each of the Life Domains You Chose Last Week, remembering these things:

  • The Personal Mission Statement is focused on Self-Discovery, rather than Creation
  • Your Mission Statement should be written only to inspire you, not to impress another person
  • Knowing yourself better will help you relate to and engage with the world at large.

Here are the questions:

Life Questions:

  1. What do I Want from this part of my Life?
  2. What are my values for this Life Domain?
  3. What do I excel at in this Life Domain?
  4. What do I want to accomplish in this area of my life?

Beliefs:  (Clarify on a broad level first, and then ask yourself these questions):

  1. How should I treat People in this area of my life?
  2. How would I like to be treated by others I know because of this Life Domain?
  3. What do I want the world I live in to be like for this life domain?
  4. If someone from this life domain treats me poorly, how will I respond?
  5. What should I do if someone from this Life Domain asks me to do something that goes against my beliefs?


  1.  Where do you want to be in reference to this part of your life in a few years’ time?  
  2. What responsibilities will that role require of you?  
  3. What attitudes or practices will work best in this Life Domain? 

End Goals:

  1. What is the ultimate goal in your life for each Life Domain?


Now, using all the information you have gathered over the past two weeks with the information you have gained about yourself by answering these questions, create your initial Personal Mission Statemeent by Completing Steps 1-6 in the Template included in this week's workbook.


Be sure to share your experience this week with the other learners in the course Forum.