Week #1


Introduction: Understand the Reason

Supplies & Course Components Needed this Week:





Set Up Course Notebook

We suggest you use a binder to keep all course materials together


Set Up Your Journal

You May Choose to Use any Journal or Notebook to keep a record of your progress.


Print Out This week's Workbook


Level of Motivation Assessment


Who Am I? Assessment


How I Handle Life Assessment

Dates to Remember:

Sunday, Midnight Pacific

Next Week’s Coursework will be available

Monday, 7pm Pacific

(For those learners registered) The Deep Dive Learner Cohort for the Comprehensive Life Plan via Zoom.  Please click HERE to reserve your spot for the meeting, or contact your instructor.  Once you register, the access link for the Deep Dive Session will be sent to you.

Wednesday, 7pm Pacific

Growth University Learner Forum (Check calendar for this week’s topic and registration information)

Course Activities This Week:



Print out a copy of the Syllabus for this week


Watch the Video Posted at the top of the lesson


Complete the “Getting to Know Yourself” Assessments for this section by clicking on each link (Items 3-5 in the Supplies & Course Components Needed Section of this Lesson).


a.   Submit each assessment after completion 

b.   When you receive it back, look at the results and file it in your 

      notebook for use later. 


Begin the habit of recording your thoughts, feelings and impressions regarding self-actualization and the process of writing your Comprehensive Life Plan


a.  Journal about your experience

b.  Share your thoughts with others in the weekly Deep Dive Session 

     for the Course During the group session (if it is a part of your 


c.  Share your experience with others in the Growth University 

     Forum by posting in the Activity Feed and interacting with others 

     in the community during the Community Forum on Wednesday.

Important Information:


Contact Information for your Instructor, Jeanette Larsen

Telephone: (916) 621-7006

Email: admin@larsenfamilyenterprises.org