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Introducing our CEO

Jeanette Larsen, MS, CCTP

I am not a stranger to the types of  problems clients share with me.  Although I have always been motivated to have a successful life (I began my first business at 14 years old, by the time I graduated high school I held a management position with a major corporation, and by age 26 I was making six figures a year), my life has had its bumps and turns as well.

Major accidents two times in my life caused financial ruin and each time, almost cost me my life. After the first accident, because my business crashed and left me destitute, I suffered a serious mental breakdown that left me on Social Security disability.  I was told that the successful life I’d had was over and I had to learn to “settle” for never being independent again. 

I chose not to believe my caregivers and found a way to fight back—rebuilding my life and restarting a new business.  Then my world came crashing down again.  

Injuries sustained in a major car accident left me in a coma and near death for three months and hospitalized for a year.  When I regained consciousness, I was told I would never walk again.  Once again my life was in shambles and I had to start all over. 

I chose to fight my way back to health—doing the slow and painful work necessary to learn to walk so I could abandon my wheelchair. 

I completed the Masters degree I needed to earn in order to begin a new career as a psychotherapist on time and in the top of my class despite the emotional, physical, and financial challenges I was struggling with as a result of the accident.  I then began my dream of trying to help others.  Over the past 15 years I have provided counseling and psychotherapy to hundreds of clients experiencing similar problems to the ones I’d overcome!

What I found was that Psychotherapy wasn’t necessarily what these people wanted or needed.  Like me, what they really wanted was to have the control of their life I had fought so hard to regain.  Psychotherapy wasn’t the solution for most of them for the following reasons:

  1. They WEREN’T mentally ill—they just lacked the skills necessary to achieve the things they wanted in life.
  2. Psychotherapy is geared to address Mental Health issues—Skills building is a secondary focus, if it is addressed at all.
  3. The stigma attached to going into therapy (being identified as “Mentally Ill” because you are in “therapy”) creates all kinds of problems in every aspect of a person’s private and public life.
  4. People could spend years in therapy, never really realizing their goals.

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