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A Message from Jeanette Larsen, CEO of Growth Unlimited & Growth University

If you are like me, you probably couldn’t wait for the New Year to begin.  I think for everyone that 2020 was a year to “get through” and survive.  The unending challenges we all seemed to have to face as a result of the pandemic and its resulting economic and social chaos have been extremely difficult to navigate.  I know I looked forward to the end of 2021 as a chance to re-group and gain a new perspective of how to move forward.


Now that 2021 is here, it is time to put the past behind us–not to forget the lessons we learned, but to focus on moving forward.  I hear a lot of people talking about “getting back to normal”.  I don’t think this is a productive way to look at things because if you look at the past, you would realize that history is cyclical.  We human beings tend to repeat trends generationally.  I think part of that problem is that we have the tendency to look at the past and want to “go back”.  Since that doesn’t seem to work so well for the future, I suggest we begin to change the habit and focus on what needs to be done to create the future we want rather than living in the past.  I think Indian author, creator and philosopher Nishank Rana said it very well:  “Things come to an end so better things can fall into place.  The world is a cruel and tough place, and you will one day have to deal with sacrificing and letting go.  For the end doesn’t mean there is a complete finish; the end means there is a chance to start something new.”

  Both Thomas Wolfe and John Steinbeck stated “You Can’t Go Home Again.”  and the American Reformed Theologian R.C. Sproule offered this advice:  “Nostalgia is the aching observation that you can’t go back again.  The longing, no matter how intense, cannot be met.”  Rather than trying to return to the past that we cannot re-create, doesn’t it make more sense to stay in the present and work to create the life we want now and in the future?  Actress Ellen Barkin summed it all up well when she said “You can’t go back again, even if you wanted to.  But you can own your own life–mistakes and all.”


I challenge everyone in our  community to avoid getting caught in the past.  Take control of life by focusing on the present and planning for the future.  Use the lessons you learned during 2020 to make a better 2021 and beyond.


That is what we are doing at Growth Unlimited.  This newsletter will outline some of the programs and opportunities that are happening now and coming in the future.  We invite you to join us in making 2021 the year we all want it to be and we pledge our support as you pursue Taking Control of Your Life!

                                                                                              –Jeanette Larsen


Growth Unlimited 2021 Mission

Our Mission is to create and develop a community of people who have complete control of their lives by demonstrating knowledge and adherence to a personal mission reflecting their personal values and beliefs.  Each member of the community will manifest the ability to fulfill their personal mission of Living Their Life—Their Way by demonstrating the ability to fulfill their desires in the following areas: 

  • Knowing themselves—their values, principles and beliefs and demonstrating integrity by living in a manner reflecting their adherence to them. 
  • Honoring the rights and privileges of every person to have and live by their own personal mission. 
  • Taking action to elicit the necessary changes in events and circumstances in their lives that counteract their mission without violating the rights of others. 
  • Demonstration of competency to envision the life they desire in important areas of their lives including but not limited to relationships with other people, personal life satisfaction, professional and financial success, and leadership abilities. 
  • Demonstrating the ability to make and achieve goals that create the life they desire to live in all aspects and areas of their lives. 
  • Enjoying the privilege of having the ability to successfully influence others to achieve the same purpose and gaining the respect of the people whose lives they have touched. 


We support this community by offering coaching and life skills training to help the community develop the skills necessary to meet their individual purpose.  Members of the Growth Unlimited community are highly motivated to achieve the results they desire and are known as ???????????. 


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We’re scratching our heads!  We need a name to identify the role our members have in Growth Unlimited!  Because our members show such dedication to Personal Development by doing their best to live the guidelines outlined in our Mission Statement, we want to choose a VERY SPECIAL title to identify them!


We’d like to hear what you think!  What should the name be for the role dedicated Growth Unlimited/Growth University Members live?  Please share your ideas with us!    Answer the question “I am a ____________________ by filling in the blank with a word or phrase that describes what you think a committed member of our community should be called.  Click on the button below and submit your answer on the form you’ll be taken to.  If we select your answer, you will receive a gift certificate that will allow you to complete a class of your choice at no charge to you!  Good luck!  We hope to hear from you soon!


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Growth Unlimited Moves!

In Mid-December, Growth Unlimited & Growth University relocated its headquarters to the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. This exciting move has already opened new doors for the organization, allowing access to new markets and greater growth potential. The new time zone location allows us to be more central to provide service to our clients on both coasts of the US, and opens international potential as well. The more open and inviting business environment also provides opportunities to offer a wider variety of services to our clients and members. We are excited to note that the welcome we received in Texas has already verified the potential for growth we felt would exist.

All Clients and Learners who previously received services with Growth Unlimited and Growth University are still able to access our programs. Our online environment makes it easy to reach out to coaches and instructors. Our staff is very focused on maintaining relationships we have built before the move and creating ongoing new relationships moving forward. Greater Personal Development Opportunities abound because of the move. Be sure to keep your eyes open for new announcements of additional programs and services in the near future!

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As a result of the difference in business costs after Growth Unlimited moved to Texas, we have been able to make a significant price reduction in the fees we charge for the services and courses we offer.

Highlights of the new pricing structure include: Re-organized Membership Program with one single membership cost for all new members of $29.99/month. This membership includes registration for one online course and its accompanying group session in addition to other membership benefits. Cost of individual and Relationship Coaching Sessions has also decreased significantly. An individual coaching session is currently priced at $49.99 and a Relationship coaching session is $69.99. These prices are effective immediately.

All though we are now physically located in the Dallas, TX area, we serve members worldwide.

For further information, please visit https://www.growthunlimited.org and click on PRICING in the Menu.


New Feature Coming!

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Beginning in our February 2021 issue, we will be featuring one of our members each month. These members will be selected on the basis of the interest and involvement they show in and with the Growth Unlimited and Growth University community and their demonstration of the
Growth Unlimited Vision. Featured members will be selected by the membership of the community, under the guidance and direction of the Growth Unlimited and Growth University administration and staff. A gift certificate redeemable for Growth Unlimited and Growth University Services will be presented to featured members.

Member Affiliate Program

Effective immediately, Members who refer other members who join Growth University will receive a $10 payment through our Growth Unlimited Affiliate Program. Each month this new member remains a member after the initial month will earn the sponsoring member another $5. Each month a Member who has 10 or more active sponsored members will receive an additional $10 bonus.

This is a great way to defray the costs for your own membership and/or services you wish to receive from Growth Unlimited, and potentially can help you make additional income for your family, as well as sharing the benefits you enjoy as a member with others you care about!

Payment of affiliate fees is made at the beginning of the next month falling 30 days after the initiation of the new membership. That means that the affiliate fee paid for a member who joins on February 3, 2021 will be paid at the beginning of April.


New This Month

March 2021


8:00 pm CST

Learner Forum

Pre-Registration Required Each Week. Topic for this week is "Do I Really Know Who I Am?". Membership in Growth University Required to Register.


8:00 pm CST

Learner Forum

Pre-Registration Required Each Week. Topic for this week is "Is it Worth Dying For?". Membership in Growth University Required to Register.


8:00 pm CST

Learner Forum

Pre-Registration Required Each Week. Topic for this week is "The Price of Respect". Membership in Growth University Required to Register.


8:00 pm CST

Learner Forum

Pre-Registration Required Each Week. Topic for this week is "Is Honesty Kind?". Membership in Growth University Required to Register.


8:00 pm CST

Learner Forum

Pre-Registration Required Each Week. Topic for this week is "Building Trust in Everyday Relationships". Membership in Growth University Required to Register.

Online Resources



8:00 pm CST

EMERGING! (FREE Webinar) Pre-Register NOW!

Trying to figure out what you want to do with your life? Do you have changes you need to make but are struggling to get motivated? Join us to learn about what makes someone feel motivated and how to make a plan! Pre-Registration Required!


9:00 pm CST

BE YOUR OWN SUPER-HERO! (FREE Webinar) Pre-Register NOW!

Get ideas on how to overcome COVID-19 and make 2021 the Year You Want it to Be! Pre-Registration Required!


4:00 pm CST

NEW ME! (FREE Webinar) Pre-Register NOW!

Stop killing yourself with Fad Diets! Discover safe, sensible weight management that does not require dieting! Pre-Registration Required!


9:00 pm CST


Tired of fighting and arguing? Wondering what happened to the closeness and intimacy you and your partner once had? Join us for this FREE Webinar to get some ideas on how to re-create your relationship! Pre-Registration Required!


9:00 pm CST



$200.00 Value!

NOW ONLY $7.99 P&H


How do you and your partner speak the language of love? Find out which love language you and your partner speak and why you choose those languages. Gain understanding about how to build intimacy and closeness in your relationship by choosing to speak the language your partner speaks. Take our assessment and consult with our Relationship Expert during a 1-hour coaching session.

$50 Value!



Get insider information on how to create or re-create love, closeness and intimacy in your relationship! Jeanette Larsen, our Relationship Expert shares unbeatable ways to maximize your love she has gathered over 15 years of research and relationship coaching experience.


$50 Value!



Create your personal brand to reach and influence the people in your career or business niche who make the decisions. Show them why you are their best option for new business! Learn the skills and techniques that will make them seek YOU out for that plum opportunity!


$600 Value


SAVE 15% On 12 Individual Coaching Sessions

Save 15% on our Already LOW Coaching Prices by Purchasing 12 Sessions at Once! Complete the sessions over the next 16 weeks. Can be scheduled at the time of purchase, or banked for future scheduling.


$840 Value


SAVE 15% On 12 Relationship Coaching Sessions

Save 15% on our Already LOW Coaching Prices by Purchasing 12 Sessions at Once! Complete the sessions over the next 16 weeks. Can be scheduled at the time of purchase, or banked for future scheduling.




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Call for New Course Suggestions

In Growth Unlimited's ongoing quest for excellence, we are continually creating new course and program content for our members.

If there is a subject or topic you are working on that we do not have a course prepared for, please let us know so we can create courses that directly benefit you.


Growth University

Membership Programs

Current General Membership Program

Current General Membership Program ($7.99/mo.) is being retired 2/28/2021 because it no longer is effective or benefitting members who hold it. Given changes made in our regular membership program, the only beneficial part of the General Membership program is that General Members have access to the Community Portal and Chat Board. No Discounts are included with the membership and no other services are included. The membership has been in place to provide a membership resource for people who wanted to maintain an inactive membership between taking courses and needed to maintain membership in order to meet the 6-month membership agreement. Since the 6-month agreement no longer exists, the General Membership Level is now pointless. Current General Members are invited to upgrade their membership to the new Membership Program (see paragraph below). As of March 1, 2021, all remaining General Memberships will automatically be upgraded to the Regular Membership Level. The monthly Membership rate of $29.99 will be auto charged on their account on March 1, 2021 and Membership Benefits will begin at that time. If General Members choose to maintain their current membership billing cycle, they will need to upgrade their membership before that time.

New Membership Programs

Benefits: Access to Growth University Community & Chat Board, First Notification of Growth Unlimited Events, Registration in One Course Module and Relevant Support Group Included with Membership, 10% Discount on Additional Course Modules & Groups, Access to special package discounts on Individual and Relationship Coaching, Access to Weekly Learner Forum, Membership in Ambassador Affiliate Program. No Membership Length Requirements. Auto-Billed Monthly. Cost: $29.99/mo. per person

Programs & Courses at Growth University

How to Use the Programs & Course Modules at Growth University

Curriculum at Growth University is designed to teach the skills you need to have to take control of your life. Coursework is designed to be taken hands-on with the convenience of being able to complete it on your schedule in your own home. You don't need to leave your home to attend a formal class. Modules are taught online, using a format that is easy to understand and follow. Our Programs are broken down into Courses and Modules that allow Learners to tailor their program to meet their specific needs. Modules typically take 3-6 weeks to complete and are extremely competitively priced at $49.99 per module. Members of Growth University may access One Module and the Forum taught for that module without paying the $49.99 as part of their Growth University Membership.

Program, Course & Model Content:
A Program is a series of courses that will prepare you to use the skills necessary to master a particular concern in your life. Programs typically take several months to more than a year to complete (depending on the program) and, once completed, will equip you with the skills you need to master in that area of your life. When you complete every course and module in a Program, you have demonstrated a commitment to taking control of your life that will be rewarded with a certificate that is suitable for framing that will denote your accomplishment.

A Course is defined as a section of a program that focuses on a set of skills necessary to achieve competency in one section or area of the program focus. It consists of a series of Modules on one subject that when completed, will equip you to use the skills taught in the course. A course, depending on the subject matter, will generally take weeks to months to complete.

A Module is defined as a section of a course that focuses more directly on teaching the skills needed to master a specific topic within the confines of the course focus. Modules allow learners to take a deep dive into topics that will allow them to truly master the skills needed to address the topic and master the behavior necessary to take control of that area of their lives. Modules are designed to be completed in 3-6 weeks, depending on the subject covered and consist of the specific learning and practice activities that promote mastery.

Access to Your Instructor:
An instructor and other course members, each program hosts a weekly live session via Zoom that is moderated by the instructor for the course. During this session, concepts in the module for the week are explained and you have time to ask questions. Although the live sessions (called forums) are focused on the subject of the week, your participation can be geared to where you are in the process of completing the module you are working on in the program. The instructor for the program follows your progress and is available to answer your questions via email as well. If you decide you need the additional help available in an individual coaching session, you also have the option to engage either the instructor or your coach for an individual coaching session (at additional cost). Growth Unlimited and Growth University are focused on helping you meet your personal growth needs in a manner that works for you.

Featured Programs


This program is designed for Learners who are seeking a direction in life. The focus is getting to know yourself, defining what is important to you, and beginning to address the direction you want to take in life. It is geared for people just beginning adulthood who are trying to decide what direction they need to go with relationships, career, and purpose. It is also designed for more experienced learners who have found that the pathway they have been following in life no longer is meeting their needs. Courses and modules will help you clarify your personal values, establish your purpose and mission in life, and help point out skills you will need to attain to demonstrate your integrity to yourself and others and to make your dreams come true.

Jump-Start Your Relationship

Are you and your partner at war? Do you argue and fight regularly? Do you struggle to communicate and be heard? Do you want to regain the closeness and intimacy that originally made you both feel the magic of being together? This program helps you learn the skills of relationship communication, understand your own and your partner's perceptions of what being in a relationship is all about, learn ways to re-ignite the love and passion that originally brought you together, and create the commitment that will make your relationship last forever.

Creating Your Comprehensive Life Plan

Would you begin an extended vacation by just getting in your car and starting to drive without any plans or ideas of where you wanted to go? Trying to navigate through your life without a master plan is every bit at foolish and fruitless. If you know what you want in your life, but you are having trouble achieving the life you deserve, this Program is for you! This ground-breaking seminal program helps you define what you need to do to achieve the life you deserve and want to have. You will learn how to create and achieve goals that will help you meet the benchmarks you choose and create the kind of success you've always dreamed of in every area of your life.

Expert's Guide to Creating Your Personal Brand

Do you want to own your own business or Is applying for a new job making you feel like "just another member of the herd" of job-seekers competing for the best positions in your field? In today's market, successful careers are made based on the influence you have in your area of business. Paying big bucks to get a professional resume preparer to write your resume just won't cut it. Employers see hundreds of resumes and typically only look at most for a few seconds. Learn the skills that will create the presence that will leave your mark so that the people you talk with fight hard to work with you! Learn how to stand out with the businesses in your niche by learning how to create your personal brand.

The New Me!

Do you jump on every new fad diet that hits social media, yet find you struggle to meet your weight goals? The weight loss industry is over $18 Billion dollars a year and growing exponentially by exploiting dieters and encouraging them to engage in behaviors that are harmful and damaging to their health--even deadly! Yet over 95% of those people who diet cannot maintain what little weight they lose and regain everything PLUS! More and more Physicians are now discouraging the habit of "binge dieting" and encouraging a more realistic method of weight management. This program helps you explore your personal beliefs about body image and dieting, and teaches method to manage weight without engaging in fad dieting. It is NOT a "New Diet". It is a lifestyle that will help you learn more about yourself and learn to accept who you are while making lifestyle changes that will help you attain and maintain good health in a non-competitive and positive environment. This program is not led by medical professionals. We suggest if you have more than a few pounds to lose, you consult with your medical professional and create an ongoing relationship with them while engaging in this program.

Coaching Services

Individual Coaching

Want that individualized touch? 50-minute sessions held one-on-one with your personal professional life coach will provide individualized help as you navigate through life's difficulties and learn life skills that will help you reach your goals. Price: $49.99 per session, discounts available for packages containing more than 5 sessions purchased and scheduled at a time.

Relationship Coaching

Want that individualized touch? 50-minute sessions held for you and your partner with your professional relationship expert will provide individualized help as you navigate through creating the relationship you want to have and help you reach your goals. Price: $69.99 per session, discounts available for packages containing 5 or more sessions purchased and scheduled at the same time.


Self-Help Books


In this bestselling Introduction to Personal Branding you will get a short crash course (the book should take less than an hour to read or listen to) as to what personal branding is, how to take your first steps toward perfecting your personal brand, and you will learn some actionable tactics you can employ immediately in order to start becoming more memorable within your career niche and grow your network.

These actionable steps include advice on how to take the perfect profile photo, how to think about your professional purpose, how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, how to optimize your social media presence for search engines like Google and Bing, how to craft a personal branding statement, how to analyze your competitors across social media so you can make your brand differentiate from theirs and how to be social by design.

Personal Branding is the practice of defining your professional purpose and being able to articulate your experience and value to your target audience through digital media and social channels like blogs, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It is also a crucial discipline to help you get the most out of in-person events such as conferences and networking opportunities where the key to a successful outcome often lies in your personal brand standing out.

Given the explosion in use of digital and social media over the past few years, the internet has presented professionals with a magnificent opportunity to help their expertise become more discoverable, sharable and memorable through their personal brands.


Inspire Integrity is addicting. It focuses on what it means to live an authentic life. Its chapters encourage people of all ages and circumstances to understand that authentic success comes from the attainment of: (1) a sincere sense of contentment, (2) strong personal relationships, and (3) a solid character. This is much different from worldly success such as excessive wealth, fame and popularity – things which, in and of themselves, do not have the capacity to make a person happy. It is designed to help people look critically at their life, think through their decisions, set priorities and goals, develop a solid character, avoid serious mistakes and discover their true passion in life. It draws on the major ethical frameworks of Aristotle, Mill and Kant as well as the Golden Rule as tools to avoid Benjamin Franklin’s warning that people tend to get old too soon and wise too late. It presents a roadmap to accomplish this mission and advocates that each reader start the journey to authentic success now!


Inspire Integrity focuses on the story of Cash, the racing greyhound, who is world famous and has won tens of millions of dollars winning races. The biggest race of his life is on the horizon and everyone is there, including the press, to cover history in the making. If he wins the race his owner will receive a million-dollar prize. The night before the race, Cash reveals he’s not going to race the next day and that he is retiring completely. Shocked, the owner asks him whether he is hurt, mad at her, or too old? He responds that it’s none of those things. In fact, he’s been doing a lot of critical thinking about his life and has come to the conclusion that all he’s ever done is run around dirt racetracks, and he just cannot do it anymore. He finally understands that those little white rabbits that everyone encourages him to chase day and night aren’t even real.


Each of us has but one life to live on this earth. What we do with it is our choice. Are we drifting through it as spectators, reacting to our circumstances when necessary and wondering just how we got to this point anyway? Or are we directing it, maximizing the joy and potential of every day, living with a purpose or mission in mind?

Too many of us are doing the former–and our lives are slipping away one day at a time. But what if we treated life like the gift that it is? What if we lived each day as though it were part of a bigger picture, a plan? That’s what New York Times bestselling author Michael Hyatt and executive coach Daniel Harkavy show us how to do: to design a life with the end in mind, determining in advance the outcomes we desire and path to get there. In this step-by-step guide, they share proven principles that help readers create a simple but effective life plan so that they can get from where they are now to where they really want to be–in every area of life.


Know that no matter where you are in your life, you want more! No matter how well you’re already doing or how challenged you now may be, deep inside you there lies a belief that your experience of life can and will be much greater than it already is. You are destined for your own unique form of greatness.”

Anthony Robbins has already unlocked the personal power inside millions of people worldwide. Now, in this revolutionary new audio production based on his enormously popular Date with Destiny seminars, Robbins unleashes the sleeping giant that lies within all of us, teaching us to harness our untapped abilities, talents and skills.


The ultimate program for improving the quality of every aspect of your life (personal or business, physical or emotional) Awaken the Giant Within gives you the tools you need to immediately become the master of your own fate.


Helps you discover and understand five specific languages of love, and learn how to identify your partner’s primary love language. This title reveals the profound satisfaction and joy of being able to express your love in a manner that it is interpreted in the right sense.