Meet Professional Life Coach Kathy Powell!

All my life, I’ve always wanted to help other people. Beginning in childhood, I was able to create an affinity and relationship with people who were seeking changes in their lives because of obstacles they struggled with daily. Overwhelmingly, these people all felt they had no control over what was happening in their lives and their greatest desire was to gain the control they felt they needed. Many of them returned again and again to the therapy process seeking ways to get this control. Although my work has also been with people who truly required the services they could get in traditional psychotherapy, the largest portion of the people I’ve been privileged to serve simply needed to have the skills that were necessary to help them achieve the goals they desired. I have worked with clients age 6 to 60 years old, helping them develop the skills they needed.

I was born in San Antonio, Texas. My father served in the U.S. Army, and as a result of his service, I was able to grow up in and travel throughout the United States and Europe. As an adult, I started my professional journey with a top computer company in San Jose, California as the Installation Coordinator for the Western Region of the United States.

It wasn’t long before I discovered that computers were not my passion. I sought the intensity of a working relationship where I could help people on a more personal level. I returned to college and earned two Associates of Arts Degrees in Administration Justice and Correctional Science, followed by completing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology to satisfy the desire I had to understand why people choose to behave the way they do. I then worked for several years with Juveniles involved in the justice system and housed in Probation, Detention, and Residential Treatment.

While working in this field, I researched and studied the behavior of my clients in relationship with the system in which they lived, its current laws, and the science of Criminology. I specifically wanted to understand why people choose to commit crimes. As a result of my experience, I found I’d become more contemplative, and very interested in finding the appropriate climate and qualifications where I could serve, support, and help others in need.

I returned to formal education once again and completed a Masters’ degree in Professional Counseling because I believed that I could use that avenue to meet my goals. During my completion of this difficult educational program, I had the opportunity to look at the entire picture about why people feel like they are drowning in fear, despair and hopelessness. I learned more about why people struggle to manage their lives effectively during daily activities and events; and why people struggle to find the kind of employment and career that will be satisfying. I developed the knowledge and skills that have helped me help others to resolve these problems and achieve their life’s goals.

As a Professional Life Coach, I use these skills to help clients move into the unknown regions of their lives and take the wheel to create the existence they desire. I have demonstrated the ability to help clients fulfill the full great potential they possess. I believe that every person can rearrange and re-create their way of thinking and believing to achieve the greatest benefit possible in their lives. I completely subscribe to the Growth Unlimited philosophy of “It’s YOUR Life! Have it YOUR Way! I will provide the necessary training, coaching and resources to clients working toward this goal. You Control Your Life! You are Important!