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The Differences Between Life Coaching and Therapy

Can be very time consuming—treatment can take years Although Personal Development is a Life-Long Process, Skills acquisition is usually time-constrained and can
be done as needed.
Focus is on accessing therapist’s knowledge, skills
and expertise
Focus is on development of skills by the individual,
fostering independence and self-reliance
Focuses on the reasons behind the difficulty. Places
more emphasis on “why the problem is occurring”
Focuses on resolving the issues by gaining and imple-
menting practical skills to alleviate problems and move
forward with life.
Cost of treatment is focused on what is provided by
thetherapist. Requires more intensive sessions with
the therapist instead of accessing other resources that may be less expensive
Cost of treatment employs various resources with
varying price points. Each program is individualized,
accessing specific services needed to maximize
client’s financial resources.