Thank you for scheduling your session(s) with Growth Unlimited. To help us provide the quality service we offer to our clients the following policies and procedures have been put into place.

Payment for Services

  1. Payment for services is due at the time the service(s) are scheduled.
  2.  Services are not confirmed as scheduled until full payment is received and processed.
  3. Refunds for cancelled or missed appointments cannot be made.
  4. Rescheduling of appointments may be done if the coach is contacted a minimum of 24 hours on regular business days (Monday through Friday) prior to the time of the appointment.  Any appointments rescheduled outside of this window will be considered missed and when rescheduled, the entire fee will be charged for the rescheduled session.  No refunds for missed or cancelled appointments will be made.
  5. The only exception to Rule #4 is in case of a verifiable extreme family emergency, or verifiable illness, when the coach at Growth Unlimited is notified by telephone at least one hour prior to the time of the appointment that the appointment must be missed.  In this case, the appointment can be rescheduled.  No refunds will be made for missed or cancelled appointments.
  6. Zoom Links and other materials needed for sessions will be emailed to the client once payment for the session has cleared.
  7. Sessions may be scheduled with the help of your coach or by visiting our appointment calendar by clicking on the link below.
  8. Payments for sessions may be made using  your credit or debit card via PayPal if you book your session with your coach, or via our website payment gateway (Stripe) when you book your session with our appointment calendar.  If the appointment is booked with your coach, an invoice for the amount owing will be issued to your email.  Payment for session invoices is due upon receipt and the session will not be confirmed and reserved until payment is completed.