It’s Your Life–

Have it Your Way!

We Can Help You Take Control of Your Life!


Our clients have access to the services of a professional life coach with over 15 years experience providing support to people working to meet their self-actualization goals.  We offer both individual and group coaching sessions either online (at any location)  or in person (limited area).  


Different from mental health counseling, Life Coaches focus on helping clients learn skills to build their personal power and autonomy, rather than focusing on clinical techniques designed to delve into a person’s past to find the causes for the problem.  This makes the process less time-consuming and because we use various techniques rather than focusing on expensive one-to-one interactions when they are not specifically necessary, Life Coaching with Growth Unlimited is generally much less expensive for the client. 



Read a Comparison of Life Coaching and Psychotherapy.


Our Professional Coaches can help you navigate the process of Self-Actualization by supporting you in attaining the life skills necessary to meet your goals.


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