It’s Your Life–

Have it Your Way!

We Can Help You Take Control of Your Life!

Jeanette Larsen, CEO Growth Unlimited

Growth Unlimited Program Fact Sheet

It's YOUR Life--Have it YOUR Way!

Please Note:

Because each client’s program is highly individualized and tailored for their specific desires and needs, information and pricing shown in this document is only representative and your program design and costs may vary based on your particular resources and needs.  Please contact your Life Coach for more specific details. 

Our Vision

People typically seek counseling or mental health services because they believe that is the only resource available to them to achieve the life satisfaction they seek.  Over the years, We have discovered the vast majority of people seeking help are NOT needing therapy, they are simply missing the skills necessary to achieve the life they want.  Once those skills are learned and used, they are able to demonstrate their innate ability to self-actualize and create the life they want.

Our Focus

We focus on helping people create the kinds of lives they want WITHOUT the stigma and disempowerment that they feel when seeking help from a mental health professional.


FOCUS is on EMPOWERMENT, not “Treatment”


Mental Health issues you’ve been told require “therapy” are addressed with skills development to help you gain confidence in your ability to determine your life pathway.


We Teach you SKILLS you need, and HOW TO USE THEM


YOU are IN CONTROL—YOU make the decisions


We help you develop a personalized PLAN FOR LIFE and show you how to put that plan into action.

How We 

Do It

The program is centered around an online platform that allows self-driven progress to facilitate each member’s ability to self-actualize and control their own lives.

Each program is individually personalized to the member’s unique needs and desires. Speed of implementation is totally at the member’s discretion

Services are provided by educated and professionally trained coaches and include the following resources:

  • Coaching:
      • Both individual and group coaching modalities are available. Sessions may be held via Zoom, on the phone, or where feasible, face-to-face at the member’s discretion.
  • Skills Training Courses
    • Self-study Online Classes members access from their computer or personal mobile devices
    • Webinars and Seminars accessible online through the use of computer or personal devices
    • Workshops and Conferences held face-to-face where participants meet with experts to focus on intensive training for a particular skill 
  • Other Resources
    • The Website at growthunlimited.org provides a one-stop resource to purchase specially selected self-help materials and other products that are useful in the self-actualization process right on the website itself. These items by be purchased by clicking on links located on the website and will be shipped directly to each member wherever they are located worldwide.
    • Blogs, Vlogs, and Podcasts on relevant topics are available on the website and through other internationally recognized sources. Podcasts are streamed on platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Sirius, I Heart Radio and through your Smart Devices with Alexa, Siri, and Google
    • The Growing Membership Program provides a resource for members to access direct services at a discounted rate as well as provides a community where members can interact with others who are interested and involved in improving their lives by engaging in their own Comprehensive Life Plans. A Special Facebook group is available to Growing  members and may be accessed by permission following subscription to the Growth Unlimited Growing   Additionally, there are many benefits for choosing to  be a part of Growing, including
      • significant discounts on fees for direct services,
      • special events and activities where only members are invited to attend
      • many other benefits still to come.  ll are included with membership and may be accessed at the Group Page.  A monthly or annual fee applies to be part of this group.
  • A daily Quick Support Session is streamed through coordination with Facebook LIVE and ZOOM conferencing. Members have had some technical issues accessing the stream through Facebook LIVE, but the ZOOM link is posted daily on the Growing Together Facebook Page and may be accessed at https://www.facebook.com/Growing-Together-107606464250798/Following the live stream session, each session is posted to the Growing Together Facebook Page and the Growth Unlimited page.
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Pricing for self-help materials and other products not produced or owned by Growth Unlimited are determined by the source of the product. These products may be ordered through the Growth Unlimited website and in some cases, the company who owns the product may compensate Growth Unlimited for their promotion.  However, Growth Unlimited has no influence or control over the pricing of these products.

  1. Prices for services and products owned by Growth Unlimited are subject to change at the discretion of the management. Current Prices are listed below:
    1. Individual Coaching Sessions: (either virtual or face-to-face) $150 per 50-minute session. A 15% discount will be given when 5 or more sessions are booked and paid for in advance.  All sessions booked must be booked and held within a 45-calendar day period.  No refunds will be given for missed sessions.  Sessions are not cancelable.  If a rearrangement is necessary, a minimum of 24-hour notice is required in order to change the session without charge.
    2. Group Coaching Sessions: (either virtual or face-to-face) $50 per 90-minute session. A 15% discount will be given when 5 or more sessions are booked and paid for in advance.  All sessions booked must be booked and held within a 45-calendar day period.  Groups require a minimum of five participants and will be scheduled using a wait-list for a start date.  No refunds will be given for missed sessions.  Sessions are not cancelable.  Rearrangement of sessions is not possible because more than one group member is involved in scheduling. 
    3. Admission & Tickets for Events, Workshops, Seminars, & Conferences will vary in price relative to content, presenter, and other factors affecting the cost of providing the service. Please check the website to get information on each specific event.
    4. Membership: Members may subscribe to Growth Unlimited Growing to qualify for special services and discounts.  This is a membership program with a monthly or annual fee per member.  A Family Plan is available if more than one member from a family is participating.  Subscriptions may be paid monthly or annually using a recurring charge to a charge or debit card.  Benefits of subscribing to Growing include:
      • 25% off Fees for Direct Services
      • Access to a special Facebook Group Page (by invitation only)
      • A monthly newsletter
      • Priority seating for events
      • Special events for members only
      • Direct Access to your Life Coach by telephone or other electronic media outside of scheduled coaching sessions.

Annual Membership Fees: 

            Individual:  $550.00

            Family:       $1000.00

Monthly Membership Fees:

            Individual:  $49.95

            Family:        $88.95

We invite you to BOOK a FREE, confidential personal consultation to discuss the specific particulars of your personal program design and cost.