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Growth Unlimited is focused directly on providing the training and support to help individuals who desire to improve their lives learn the skills necessary to bring about that dream.  Using a proprietary Personal Development System, Growth Unlimited can guide clients to successfully designing the life they want, setting goals to achieve that life, and provide facilitation and support toward the attainment of those goals.

Self-Actualization is an individualized process and people working toward that end each have different paths to follow.  Growth Unlimited recognizes and appreciates those differences and the program used is designed to honor those differences while providing the necessary support and tools to help the client achieve his or her goals.  Every person has different learning styles.  Since Self-Actualization involves learning to  use life skills that will help the user  improve their lives, Growth Unlimited offers a wide array of training options, to meet every need a client might have through a partnership with our sister company,  The Growth University. 

Growth University offers a wide array of courses taught online that can be completed from the convenience of your home or office computer.  Each learner's progress is carefully monitored by a qualified Life Coach and successful completion of a program is recognized with a certificate of achievement.  Additionally, Growth University offers membership in an exclusive online community to people who are taking courses. 

Membership in this community provides access to support from our Life Coach Professionals as well as other like-minded learners who are pursuing their own process of Self-Actualization as well as allowing Growth Unlimited to offer the training at significant discounts from the list price.   

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It's Your Life--Your Way!

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